Step 1: Getting Started Training.

Sign up. Choose your Status Level. Watch the 45-minute Getting Started Training video, and read its PDF companion (found in the PDF and video tabs).

Take the time to do this training. Take your business seriously and learn the strategic, step-by-step skills required to succeed.

Step 2: Prelaunch Upline Call.

Set up a live Prelaunch video conference call with your sponsor and upline.

Your success will hinge on your ability to strategically invite others looking for a better lifestyle and career to partner with you in this Alphay home-based business. The Prelaunch will fine-tune what you learned in the Getting Started Training.

Step 3: Start.

Expose. Invite. Sort. Focus on Power 3 your first month. Invite a few people each day. Get better at your skills every week. Develop a year-long game plan.