Lingzhi Academy

The driving force behind the Lingzhi Academy is to duplicate the phenomenal financial success of the top income earners in Alphay China. They have created over 12,000 6-figure income earners and 350+ 7- and 8-figure income earners.

We want to do that here. 

Most people who join Alphay do so because they want to become successful. But many become stopped by their fear of failure and their limited sense of who they are—their identity—and either quit outright, or stop progressing.

The Lingzhi Academy helps break through those fears and limitations by teaching:
1) the simple repeatable steps that allow your team to succeed.
2) the mindset required to keep doing those actions. 

Those who are driven to break through self-imposed limits will start to have a bigger impact in the world. The Lingzhi Academy is built exactly for this group, so that they become the leaders for a national and global movement.


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Leadership described

Chairman Hui Chen has assigned us the task of building an international organization. This can only be done by each of us learning how to build a small team of business builders, teaching them to build a small team of business builders, and then teaching them to do the same

In Alphay, we each develop our leadership skills through constantly improving the 3 components:

  • The Mindset
    • focused on success and becoming a 4- and 5-figure/month income earner
    • facing any fears of getting there
    • breaking through any limiting mindset and beliefs
  • The Skills
    • learning the developing and refining our social influence skills
    • refining your job description, and what Alphay is
    • learning how to give product and company overview talks (live and via video conference)
    • knowing the comp plan completely
  • The Actions
    • Weekly inviting and recruiting two types of people: those hungry for a better lifestyle, and then those simply interested in phenomenal results from Linghzi.
    • From this group, a self-selection process occurs that brings the leaders to the top.
    • building a network that ends up with a team of driven leaders, hungry to guide Alphay into a global movement.
    • learning each of the invitation and presentation skills better and better each week.

Personal goals, Global goals.

The Lingzhi Academy sets the first Personal Goal for each enrollee as a minimum of $5,000 residual income by the 12th month.

This is accomplished by:

  • Achieving 15% Status Level (within the initial order or 8 week limitation).
  • Committing to a minimum of 3 solid hours a week for 52 weeks for inviting others.
  • Getting trained, developing the candidates name list, constantly improving ones invitation script.
  • Co-training the trainings by the 2nd month. Fully training by the 4th month.
  • Playing Alphay’s 30-60-90 game (the Power3, the iPad and the MacBook Air)
  • Focusing on 3 first-level Emeralds by the 120th day.
  • Committing to being a leader for you group, and developing the skills to do that.



The Lingzhi Academy Focus

The great thing about Alphay is that we can each be involved any way we want. No one can ever get fired for poor productivity. And there are many ways to achieve whatever success looks like for each individual.

The Lingzhi Academy approach is one that focuses on wealth creation, and creating leaders that can create a worldwide movement. Because of this, the approach here won’t be right for everyone.

We believe that

  • Alphay is the biggest opportunity of our lives and careers. It will last for 30+ years.
  • Alphay is a platform, a game, for wealth creation and global goodwill.
  • Alphay, while tiny right now, will be in 25 other countries by 2025.
  • those of us who develop the leadership skills now will lead the pack.