We use just a few repeatable steps to financial success with Alphay:

  • Watch the 3 Steps to Success video (or find out the times we do this live via video conference each week). This teaches the simplicity of what creates success, and reinforces to each of your new Distributors this same simplicity.
  • Download and read through the Getting Started Training pdf (see below). If you can, go through it with your sponsor and upline, or contact us and we’ll help you through it.
  • Invite potential candidates to look at our Alphay Opportunity video. This is a 6-minute overview of the company, the opportunity we have, and why Alphay’s lingzhi products are the best in the world. Follow up. If they have questions or objections, get them with your sponsor/upline, or us and we’ll answer them.
  •  For those interested in the opportunity, get them started with these same steps. For those interested in only the lingzhi products, have them start as a Customer.
  • Help each new Distributor repeat these steps. Watch the 3 Steps to Success with them, which reinforces the idea of keeping their business building simple.

The Lingzhi Academy site is for those who want to get to at least $5,000 a month in commissions by your 12th month. If you signed up for that level of success, keep following these simple duplicatable steps.




Getting Started Training         

What to focus on in your first 30-60 days
to build a financially success business.